Wash and dry fully before first use.
Wash mitten and bag (if used for storage) regularly between uses to remove all saliva, milk/food residue from fabric.


Quick hand clean - Scrub any area that has come in contact with saliva with dish soap and hot water.
To Dry - Ring it out and dry in dryer OR open mitten and let air dry fully (preferably in sunlight).


Full wash - Can be hand washed or machine washed (in or out of bag provided) on a gentle cycle.
To Dry - Remove mitten from bag and open as much as possible, machine dry both bag and mitten on low/med. heat, gentle cycle and/or air dry fully.

•Do not dry on very high heat or over-dry in dryer.
•If mitten fabric is wet after use by baby, wipe off saliva, leave mitt out to dry fully before storing.
•Never store mitten when damp after washing/use in any air tight place.
•Discard mitt if it becomes very worn or damaged.